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How To Setup Pretty Permalinks In Wordpress

Setup pretty permalink in wordpress is easy to do. Not because your site will look pretty when it is done. If you want your site look pretty, you can go with [...]

5 Different Methods To Install Wordpress Theme

It is easy to install wordpress theme. You can get new beautiful wordpress theme at wordpress repository or buy from a trusted wordpress developer. For me, the default wordpress theme is good enough for blogging. [...]

How To Add Google Analytics To Wordpress Blog Guide

In this blog post, I want to show you how to add google analytics to wordpress blog. There three ways I know that you can add google analytics code to your site. [...]

How To Install SSL Certificate On Wordpress Site

In securing wordpress, I encourage you to install ssl on wordpress blog. You can get free ssl certificate which is safe and secure from lets encrypt. The benefit of using lets encrypt is you can install ssl on many sites on the same Ip address. [...]

Install PHPMyAdmin With Apache On Fedora 28/29/30/31/32

The easy way to administer database server such as mysql server, mariadb server, percona server and the like is using phpmyadmin. Phpmyadmin is a php app that can interact with database server easily. [...]

How To Install Wordpress In Cpanel With Shared Hosting Account

The most popular blogging platform, wordpress is easy to install and setup. It is the most user friendly blogging software for beginner. Step by step below explain how to install and setup wordpress manually on cpanel. [...]