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Install Wordpress With Apache (LAMP) On Ubuntu 19.04

Installing wordpress on ubuntu 19.04 with apache, mariadb server and php is very easy. You can also use this installation procedure that I will cover here if you are using mysql server because mariadb server is equal to mysql server. [...]

Install Wordpress With Nginx On Centos 8

This blog post is showing you how to install nginx, php and mariadb (LEMP) on Centos 8. After having LEMP installed, you can install wordpress. Installing wordpress with nginx on Centos 8 is not a hard task. To do so, follow these steps. [...]

Install Wordpress With Apache On Centos 8

This time I am going to cover how to install apache, php and mariadb on Centos 8. Then install wordpress with minimal apache configuration. [...]

How To Install Wordpress On Microsoft Azure Web Application

Microsoft Azure is all in one platform that blogger can do to build an awesome blog. This time, I am going to show an easy way to install wordpress on microsoft azure. It does not need to set up apache, php and mysql. [...]

Install Wordpress With Sqlite Database On Ubuntu 19.04

In this blog post, I will cover how to install wordpress with sqlite on Ubuntu 19.04. If your site is new, it is not bad to have sqlite as the database of your wordpress blog. When the site is growing big, you can migrate to mysql database. [...]

How To Install Wordpress Complete Guide Step By Step

The most popular blogging platform, wordpress is easy to install and setup. It is the most user-friendly self-hosted blogging platform for a beginner. To install wordpress, you do need to be an expert. [...]