16 February 2022

25 Wordpress Themes Compatible With Gutenberg New Wordpress Editor

Gutenberg-ready wordpress themes will be started on show at the blogosphere as a reason of Gutenberg which is the new editor for wordpress 5 and above by default. It is a new adventure as a blogger, and even for senior bloggers. Like everything in this world, change is a must.

If you accept this change, you must pick up a wordpress theme which its developer can always stand behind their products. Cause This is only the beginning. It is going to need a few years until the process is complete. No one knows what it looks like in the future.

Before the process is complete, I am going to list 25 wordpress themes which are compatible with Gutenberg.

Wordpress Themes Compatible With Gutenberg

1. Startup Pro

gutenberg wordpress theme

Startup Pro is one of the many wordpress themes from seotheme that is getting ready for upcoming Gutenberg roadmap. It is compatible with WooCommerce plugin as well, so that makes it easy to build online store.

AMP ready is the next its feature you must consider. This function will reduce your hosting cost as it will make your site fast without paying any CDN service.

To draw attention to your targeted audiences, you can embed Youtube video on the homepage. Provide with amazing attracting nice looking video so it can impress your visitor. About coloring the site, it lets you choose the color you like, and the default is blue.

The option to display your homepage varies. It allows you to show blog posts to have a layout of content/side, side/content, blog option, etc.

The other off course features are responsive design, fast loading, mobile ready, custom logo and more. The last state I must say, it is genesis child framework that Matt Mullenweg the creator of wordpress love it.

2. Mediumish

gutenberg wordpress theme

Mediumish is billed as a replica of medium site design. Wowthemes it's developer design it to feel both site's owner and the audiences live in the home of medium site, minimalist and simple.

Live customizer will help you to display the homepage come into view. In my view, it is easy to create a beautiful look site with this kind of customizer tool and you can also import an xml file as an example contents so that you can have a site look like the demo site.

Mediumish is claimed as fast loading theme as well which is carefully crafted made from one of the most solid CSS framework bootstrap 4 and inbuilt font awesome. As a result, it is bloat free theme and one of the best grade that looks awesome in any view, both desktop and mobile.

For every update, it is automatic. It does not need any plugin to do the updates, just one click to get it done.

To engage with the visitor, it has a bar notification in the bottom. You can put HTML code from any email marketing provider such as MailChimp, Sendy, etc.

If you are using this kind of themes for amazon affiliate site, I believe it will result well.

3. Gutentype

gutenberg wordpress theme

Gutentype is a perfect theme to build any type of blog niches. AncoraThemes it'developer has created many inbuilt templates which allow you to create a blog in minutes.

The design looks pretty. Cryptocurrency, recipes, DIY, finance, parenting, review, comparison, etc are a few of many niches you can achieve with this theme.

To save your time, you can allocate a few minutes to copy the demo site including both layout and contents by pushing a single button to get the installation process complete. The final view will look modern and perfect from android to retina.

If you are living in Europe, it provides you with GDPR Compliance which is an essential part you must obey as a blogger in that area.

4. Nex - Factory & Industrial WordPress

gutenberg wordpress theme

According to VamTam the developer behind Nex - Factory & Industrial WordPress theme, over 30,000 wordPress-powered sites have been built using their product. It suits for a beginner so does for advanced users as it is easy to use.

The theme is purpose-built for goods and service niches such as agriculture, construction, manufacturing, etc. Pick up the template you like and in minutes you have a beautiful site.

One of the good things is to allow user to use Beaver Builder which has inbuilt page templates with no problem. Bever Builder is well-known as page builder that can create an engagement site even for a non-experienced user.

Luckily for you, it has Google Maps function so that you can ease the process of listing your business in Google My Business (GMB) listing. Many SEO experts say it is easy to rank in local SEO than international SEO.

5. Ebigale

gutenberg wordpress theme

Ebigale has four various sliders: contain, full width, carousel and centered. They are beautiful and easy to set up. It is a pre-built function, so you do not need any additional plugin.

Unlimited color and over 800 fonts from google ready to take your blog to the next level, fast and glittering. It borns to make customization easy so that when your reader caught a glimpse of your blog in the crowd, they will love it at once.

Ebigale is coded for non-coder and there are 7 stunning inbuilt demos ready to start making a website so far. To recreate one of the demos you have to click the right button and your site is available to generate some money immediately.

Cause it has pre-made ad zones. As soon as possible you have traffic, you can monetize your blog by placing ads such as Amazon, Adsense or linking it to your selling ebook.

Two pre-built that I also like are post views and Instagram feed. You can see most of your blog post and attract the reader to follow your Instagram account. You know that Instagram is still hot and one of the best traffic source up till today.

6. Forte

gutenberg wordpress theme

Forte, which is made of advanced bean framework 2.0, is a possible construct to obligate all Gutenberg functionality.

It is also wholly compatible proof with all plugins made by themebean the creator, but no sidebar.

Incorporate in the theme is a child theme. You can customize the look through it. CSS, PHP, etc are things must be considered to get it done.

Today, Android, iPad and iPhone are three kind of device which is a profitable selling gadget. Users of these gadgets will be pleasant to enjoy your site as it is optimized not only for SEO and retina ready but also for that three gadgets as well.

If you are Youtubers or Instagrammer will be happy to use this kind of theme cause videos from youtube and images look beautiful on it.

It appears that Forte is well-supported cause it has been updated for three years regularly and fixed many bugs.

7. Food Blooger

gutenberg wordpress theme

You are getting ready to be a chef or a food blogger who find a way to market your cake, then Food blogger theme is an ideal theme for you. Your product, the cake, will look great on every device using this theme. Not only for cake, but any variety of food should also be acceptable.

Single post view can present the recipe including the amount the calories, how many people it should serve, ingredients and how to cook it.

Compatibility with Elementor page builder makes it easy to create a beautiful-looking layout which allow images, videos, texts, etc to be precisely placed.

Then share your food stories to social media by yourself. Luckily, your audiences have also an ability to do the same via built-in social media function.

If you need to sell something like ebook, book, premium recipes, etc WooCommerce is the solution. The theme is 100% compatible with WooCommerce that make it ready to sell your products.

8. Videobox

gutenberg wordpress theme

Videobox is a wordpress theme dedicated to video blogger. It is a comfy theme for YouTubers, moreover, it supports video from many sources such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, facebook, etc.

To publish youtube video is very easy cause it will detect it automatically. Then you can place it at the featured post, carousel widget, infinite scrolling or carousel (portrait mode).

You can also setup thumbnail for your post by grabbing the image from the video. Only one click, your thumbnail will be ready to use at once.

Not happy with video sharing files, you can create your own video and upload it to file hosting such as amazon s3, then place it as video blog post. But it cost you more money.

Your video blog will look beautiful on every device as it is retina ready and responsive.

9. Beauty Hair Salon

gutenberg wordpress theme

Beauty Hair Salon is a suitable theme for a blogger who operates hair and beauty service. You can write manicures, pedicures, makeup, etc guide incorporated in the blog alongside your service.

Many women need to be admitted as a beautiful girl. You must convince your audience how essential to look beautiful and your services are the answer. Make sure that your service will convert every woman to be imposing. They will find it useful that can increase your sales. And this theme will help you to do that.

To use this theme is very simple. There is one-click action to import the content like the demos. By doing this, all necessary setup both layout and contents will be recreated in minutes.

Come out with carefully coded so that it has every necessary function to work correctly. As a result, it is lightning fast, SEO friendly, easy to customize via Live Customizer, etc. It also has 20 variety of layouts ready to use to make your life easier.

Many plugins are compatible with this theme such as MailChimp, WooCommerce, JetPack, NinjaForms, etc.

Doubt is common. Honestly, 1,4K customers are the reality that you can take into consideration before you choose.

10. Gym And Fit

gutenberg wordpress theme

Gym and Fit theme is trusted by 2,4K bloggers around the world. Clean, 30 pre-made pages with stunning design, beautiful, drag & drop builder, etc will lead more people into customers. It is designed for health niches to cover Gym and Fit topic.

Responsive design, potentially limitless layouts, 1200 premiums icons and more are a few features that make it one of the most selling product. All these packages can take your site to the next level.

The good news is even beginner can use this theme and the advanced users as well. One-click installation is the favorite one for any beginners that you can find it easy using it. So you can do editing to suit your purpose.

11. The Wedding Day

gutenberg wordpress theme

Wedding is a happy moment. The Wedding Day theme come to help you to publish that moment. You can share when you get a wedding, get babies, all wedding stuff and etc. By sharing the moments, probably many peoples will donate for your wedding and you save some cash. The way you manage it can prove to your parent and parent-in-law that your marriage will be happy for eternity.

This theme is stunning the possible reason 2k customers love it. It comes with potentially limitless layouts about 30+ custom pages ready to start building a blog with and four pre-made theme skins. If you are in a hurry, only one click to import the content demo, so your site will be ready in minutes.

All a-must-features is included such as SEO friendly, mobile support, fast loading, GDPR ready and more.

12. TownPress

gutenberg wordpress theme

TownPress is a modern theme oriented about to tell how great a city or villages including buildings, city services, educations, news, attractive things, etc. It is a portal news theme.

A child theme includes in the bundle when you purchase it. You can edit it to suit your need and no worry when parent theme gets an update.

It is also a Municipality theme. You can place any business in it with business hours and contact info. Doing this can tell every people what the benefit of the city. Alongside blog post, you can create a blog forum using a bbPress plugin. It is a good idea for sharing what happens and something stories about the city. It could attract and increase visitor.

It is also RTL ready, WPBakery Page Builder ready, one-click import demo contents and limitless color option to make it more beautiful. That is why 2k customers love it.

13. Veterinary

gutenberg wordpress theme

Veterinary is a modern theme for pet addict or pet agency come with limitless option to create frontpage layout. You can share everything about your pet include its nutrition, how to train them, clinic report, etc.

Slider function: revolution and swiper, shortcodes, fonts from Google, awesomely beautiful hover effects, etc help in the best way possible to make it more attractive and attract visitor to come more. To me, the default layout and color pickup are good enough to show up your pet.

New features that no theme has is PO Composer which makes the update easier to do. It also has wpbakery integration or visual composer. The two is different.

If you are selling pets and kinds of stuff related to pet, you can use WooCommerce which the best plugin to do this.

14. Jacqueline

gutenberg wordpress theme

Jacqueline is a modern wordpress theme made from valid HTML5 and CSS3. It suits everyone who wants to run spa and massage salon. Available color pickup and layout is terrific leading to more customers and increasing sales.

Built-in appointment management makes it easy for the customer to decide what the best time is doing spa and salon.

To save your time, it has a one-click push button to recreate the demo site so that you can start your business and editing it to suit your main purpose.

2k customers will be proof of what this theme can help up and coming spa and salon business.

15. Alliance

gutenberg wordpress theme

Alliance is a theme-oriented to building community in the company. BuddyPress plugin BuddyDrive plugin integration is a way to make it happen. Every member of the company can communicate with each other and share document files and any other report.

Look up files for a particular purpose and any other information will be easy for the member. That is what the community must have.

To educate member, for example, the employee, there is a tool to create a testable page so that every member could participate and see the result at no time. It is essential to make the member being smart to produce products at the high grade.

About what member needs in the company. Polls function of the theme is one that could help a company to know what the member needs the most. Sometimes is not easy to ask everyone at the same time. So the Poll could help to make a decision what the member need to make their job work well.

The last but not the least is to schedule the meeting. This theme is available for everyone to create when meeting must be on. Every member that should attend the meeting will get an alert.

16. Grace

gutenberg wordpress theme

If charity, believer community, volunteering and the like will occupy your blog for a long time, Grace is a compellingly attractive theme for doing such a blog. Many people have a strong preference for helping others. The theme will benefit the community to help each other by donating or something else.

Donation plugin integration for fundraising and charity is a good step. You can place donation as a widget or inside the post to help people to donate.

It also comes with WPML plugin compatibility. It makes you easy to translate to your language so you can make a donation party in your country.

A function I like for this primary purpose of this particular blog is post view, like, sharing buttons and related post. It will tell us what people want the most and what the community needs at the moment.

No worry for a newbie. It has a one-click push button to import all necessary contents like the demo. 1k customers are both newbies and advanced users have been satisfied using this theme.

17. Quick Sale

gutenberg wordpress theme

Quick Sale is for a blogger who has a desirous of selling a property. Property is a million dollar business. It appears that This theme will help you to increase the sales.

I can say that as it has everything you need to build such a blog.

The premise is easy. You place the property you want to sell and it will present it to your customer. The customer will be delighted and they go to the address where the property exists and buy it.

It is effortless, isn't it?

The theme is lovely as there is a gallery for your property images. Make sure that the property is photographed very well. It is essential to make the resulting images look very nice. Cause the pictures are on behalf of the existing property to present them self.

You can also enable rating and review to take a survey to reveal what customer need the most. I am sure that your dreamy sales will be a reality by doing this.

18. CheerUp Blog

gutenberg wordpress theme

CheerUp Blog comes with 1000+ luxurious pre-setup option and fabulous design ready to start your blog to the next level. It also fasts loading based on Google PageSpeed, Pingdom, Webpagetest and GTMetrix tool.

Another thing that makes it fast is AMP fully supported. It can reduce your cost to buy hosting and not sucking your hosting resource too much. Cause AMP is like A CDN which allow your contents spread without hustle.

Sticky sharing bar, beautiful post style, a ton of header, amazing slider style, modern footer style, beautiful share icons, wooCommerce integrations to sell online, single beautiful post view and 5k happy customers is enough reason to make it trusted theme.

19. Education WP

gutenberg wordpress theme

Education WP is created for educational site. If your primary purpose is to run a business like a course and a tip for students, then it is a perfect choice. I believe you will not be regret buying it.

You can be the next most wanted courses like Udemy, Lynda, ect, only using this theme is the help you can afford. Integrated with bbPress and WooComerce is one of the best parts that you can set up to accept payment online such as PayPal, stripe, etc.

I will not say a lot of words about this theme. It is one of the most popular and what you need to run any courses online.

20. Education Center

gutenberg wordpress theme

Education Center is another light and clean themes oriented to courses online. It can be set up to do quizzes when course begins and end, an award for the best member, etc.

You can manage the course with ease with the help of LearnDash LMS plugin. But it is not included in the purchase.

It is also a mobile first. So every member could learn the lesson using their cellphone or tablet as many peoples are accessing internet using it.

No more confused on how to set up the theme. You can do one-click push button to make your blog ready to sell course online. Then you edit it to suit your primary purpose. Now, your preppy educational center ready to start making people being smart.

21. Construction

gutenberg wordpress theme

Construction is trusted by more than 3k customers. Business like cleaning service, engineer, painter, etc should use this theme to sell their product and service. Cause It has everything needed to impress customer at first look.

Limitless style and layout, parallax builder, 600+ google fonts and more make it easy to convert the default wordpress theme to a looking-good site.

For a newbie, it is typical for confusing. Your confusing will be away by watching the tutorial guide how to set up the theme. No doubt, you can do it.

It is easy. It is drag and drop, so no coding skill required. Do not wait until tomorrow. This is the time to start your site making sales with the help of this theme.

22. Auto Repair & Car Mechanic

gutenberg wordpress theme

Auto Repair & Car Mechanic theme provides an easy way to run Car Repair Shops, Auto Mechanic, Garages, Car Wash, etc business online. It means your business has a chance going viral that lead to customer. And your competitor could be frankly about your success.

Color and layout properly designed to present your business at maximum effort. Image and text look nice to tell people and your customer that your business is your family and their problem could be solved as soon as possible at once. If you still doubt, the 2k customers could not be wrong.

23. Kids Planet

gutenberg wordpress theme

Kids planet theme has a calm design oriented to kids. Related kids things such as toys, kindergarten, craft school, etc will be presented well as the color and layout carefully pickup to meet what kids like: colorful, clean and simple.

Available pre-built layout is kids health, kids care, landing page and kids store. No problem to add more page layout cause it comes with limitless possible page layouts.

Selling kids things is easy. WooCommerce integration will be the part which can help you.

Also comes to support mobile first and retina display. Today, kids like small device like a cellphone. They enjoy playing it while waiting for the next activity.

So the kids like a cellphone, if you are lucky, many kids will like your site like they like watching Youtube.

24. Honeymoon

gutenberg wordpress theme

Honeymoon is best used for people who want to go on a honeymoon. It is clean, white and bright theme to show up how happy your honeymoon moment. It is also perfect for wedding business. The wedding is what people are looking for living together between men and women.

This theme has the ability to present your business very well. All you must do is having images from looking-good couple could be your friend or your friend's friend then put them properly so that they looked happy and satisfied using your service.

With the help of theme layout that is designed to view text and image look good will impress your visitor lead to customer. Also, you can use an image editor such as Photoshop to make images look great.

25. Media Consult

gutenberg wordpress theme

Media Consult is built with elementor page builder ready and CSS grid. Limitless possible page layout and 30 shortcodes ready to use. It is colorful, that means you can set up any color you like. Anyone can use this theme, both for newbie and advanced user. But for a good reason, it is perfect for you who run business with coverage of media, ebook publishing, consulting, corporate, etc.

What I like about the theme, besides its 2 skin: light orange and dark blue, is the integration of schema scopes with rich snippets. It means, it is appropriately designed SEO optimized to get traffic from search engine.

Wrap Up

Wordpress start polishing up its function to the next level. Over the next few years the new function, the new wordpress editor called Gutenberg, will be developed gradually. It might be the proof that wordpress is a future-proof blogging platform. I hope you all can over this new phase smoothly, and so do I. For a newbie, it could be a daunting task as new ideas the way blogging using wordpress. Using the old wordpress editor could be the solution.

Cause this new function may affect a lot of themes and plugins exist today. Maybe someday you and I must accept this new editor. And it appears that prepared blogger and a lot of developers still wait and see for the new up and coming development phase new wordpress functionality, Gutenberg.

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