08 March 2022

5 Different Methods To Install Wordpress Theme

It is easy to install wordpress theme. You can get new beautiful wordpress theme at wordpress repository or buy from a trusted wordpress developer. For me, the default wordpress theme is good enough for blogging. But you are you and you can do change the theme with the theme you like and love.

In this short blog post, I will show you how to install wordpress theme in 5 different methods. Method 1 is the easiest way. You log in to the wordpress dashboard, then search and install a new theme.

Upload wordpress theme to your wordpress blog is easy. First, you must login into dashboard. As soon as this was done, you can activate the new theme. I will explain about this in the method 2.

In the method 3, I will explain how to upload the wordpress theme to your root domain using Cpanel. It is the easiest control panel used by many hosting companies. After uploading the theme to your root domain using cpanel, then install it via the admin panel.

An alternative way to upload wordpress theme is by using SFTP software. In this method 4 I will explain how to use the SFTP clearly. This software is available free for windows, linux and mac users.

Using wp-cli is the last method I include in this post. This method 5 will explain you in detail how can use wp-cli to search, install and activate the new theme.

I assume you have installed wordpress blog and installed some wordpress plugin you need.

Let's begin the tutorial. Shall we?

The list of the method we cover :

1. Search and install the theme via wordpress dashboard

2. Upload and install the theme via wordpress dashboard

3. Upload theme via cpanel then install via wordpress dashboard


5. Wp-cli

1. Search And Install Wordpress Theme Via Wordpress Dashboard

You have to connect to the wordpress theme repository securely if you want to install a new theme from wordpress theme repository. This is the easiest way and there are a hundred thousand wordpress themes available for free.

If the connection to the wordpress plugins repository cannot be established, you must contact your hosting administrator to fix this problem.

Let's start the guide step by step on how to do this method 1.

1) Login to your wordpress admin panel with user and password you have created

2) Click on appearance and then click on themes

3) Type in the search themes field the themes you like to install

4) For this tutorial, we will install and activate generatepress theme. It is one of the most downloaded wordpress themes

5) When you find the theme, click on install now

6) Click on activate to start using the theme.

2. Upload and install wordpress theme via wordpress dashboard

If you have a new wordpress theme in zip format, then you can upload, install and activate it via dashboard.

Here is the step by step in detail.

1) Login to your wordpress dashboard with user and password you have created.

2) Click on the following: appearance, themes, add new and upload theme.

3) Click on browse

4) Browse your new theme that is in zip format

5) Click on install now

3. Upload theme via cpanel then install via Dashboard

One of the most easiest control panels, cpanel is free for shared hosting and wordpress managed hosting user, mostly. You can upload the file, install wordpress with ease, add a domain, and much more by using it.

You upload the new theme via cpanel, mostly, because you have wordpress theme not in zip format. Or you have wordpress theme in zip format and not installed correctly. For example, you buy or create a child theme and find it difficult to install via admin panel. Then this method 3 will be the solution.

1) Login to your cpanel with username and password that your hosting provider has created for you. To do this, open browser and type yourdomain.com/cpanel. Put the username and the password in the given field, then click on login

2) Click on file manager

3) Go to your root domain

4) Navigate to wp-content/themes

5) Click on upload

6) Extract the theme. Alternately, you can also extract the theme on your local computer then upload the theme folder

7) Login to your admin panel

8) Find the theme in the themes area

9) Click on activate


SFTP software can be used to transfer file from local computer to your hosting via sftp command line. In this blog post, I am going to use WinSCP for windows as this is free and easy to use.

Alternately, you can use FileZilla. FileZilla is free and this is the first SFTP software I use in windows PC. But I find that WinSCP is easier than FileZilla. So I decide to use WinSCP for this date.

Below you will find the detail of how to transfer the file (wordpress theme) from a local computer to your hosting using WinSCP.

1) Open WinSCP

2) Place user of the sftp in the hostname field. The default port is 22. If you do not change the port number, then leave it by default.

3) Type the password of the sftp in the password field.

4) Hit login button

5) Copy your file folder of the wordpress theme to the /rootdomain/wp-content/themes/. You can upload the wordpress theme in .zip format too. Then you extract it.

6) Login to your dashboard of the wordpress blog

7) Click on activate the theme you like

Using GIT

For windows user, you can use sftp command line to transfer the file from local computer to your hosting. Step by step below explains how to do it.

1) Download GIT software from git-scm.com

2) Open the folder where you want to upload the plugin

3) Right-click then click on Git Bash Here

4) Connect to your hosting via sftp command line

sftp user@ipaddress

5) Copy the theme to your hosting

put name-of-the-theme /rootdomain/wp-content/themes/

6) Activate plugin via dashboard

SFTP on Ubuntu PC

If you are using ubuntu PC, you do need git installed to use SFTP. To do SFTP, follow these step by step.

1) Open terminal

2) Connect to your hosting via sftp command line

sftp user@ipaddress

3) Copy the theme to your hosting

put name-of-the-plugin /rootdomain/wp-content/themes/

4) Activate theme via dashboard

5. Wp-cli

By using wp-cli, you can download the wordpress file, install and activate theme and plugin, and much more. It can be installed on vps hosting, windows pc, ubuntu pc and macbook.

Wp-cli is easy to use and to install. Below is step by step on how to install wp-cli.

1) Login to your VPS via ssh

2) Download wp-cli.

curl -O https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wp-cli/builds/gh-pages/phar/wp-cli.phar

3) Make it executable

chmod +x wp-cli.phar

4) Check that wp-cli is working properly

php wp-cli.phar --info

5) Move wp-cli to bin folder

sudo mv wp-cli.phar /usr/local/bin/wp

6) Again, check if wp-cli is working properly

wp --info

Next step is to install wordpress theme

7) Search the wordpress theme or search term

wp theme search name-of-the-theme --path=/rootdomain/

wp theme search photo --per-page=6 --path=/rootdomain/

wp theme search generatepress --path=/rootdomain/

8) If you know the name of the wordpress theme, you can install it using this command line below. For this example, I am going to install generetepress theme. Type this command.

wp theme install name-of-the-theme --path=/rootdomain/

wp theme install generatepress --activate --path=/rootdomain/

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