25 January 2022

How To Post Longer Videos On Instagram

The limit length of Instagram videos is usually 60 seconds on the Instagram Feed, and 15 seconds for videos to your stories. With such limitations you will be frustrated if your wish is to post a longer video on the feed or on Instagram stories. Read on to acquire tips for posting longer Instagram videos.

How To Post Longer Videos On Instagram

1. Utilize Third-party applications

There are a number of third-party apps that would come in handy whenever you wish to upload videos that are longer than a minute on your Instagram. These applications mainly help you trim the videos into shorter versions, for it can be impossible to post a 3 minutes video on your feed.

Normally, Instagram gives a limit of 15 seconds for videos posted on Instagram stories. However, with an application called Continual for Instagram, you can comfortably post longer videos, but in splits.


Continual for Instagram enables you to directly upload long videos from the camera roll. After you have uploaded the videos, Continual for Instagram will split the long video into 15-second videos. It thereafter saves the 15-second clip back into your camera roll. You can then upload the shorter clips one after the other. You should make sure that they are in exact order just like the longer video so as to keep the story relevant.

The experience after sharing the split videos will be equally the same as if you shared the longer video. Other than helping you share longer videos, Continual for Instagram will enable sharing of both portrait and landscape videos and you do not have to crop them. Usually, Instagram allows you only to share portrait videos on Instagram Stories. Continual for Instagram costs $7.99 on iOS. This is a worthwhile investment, especially if you are using Instagram stories to promote your business.

Story Splitter

The other alternative for iPhone users is Story Splitter. Story Splitter will also come in handy when your wish is to split your long video into smaller portions. Story Splitter costs $7.99 from iOS. It splits the video into 15 seconds.

I would prefer Continual Instagram over Story splitter because continual for Instagram allows you to post in landscape orientation, unlike Story splitter which limits you to using portrait orientation. If you do not want their watermarks on your videos, you will have to upgrade to their premium version. For that you will part with some fee but not something you cannot afford.

Story Cutter

If you are an android user, Story Cutter could be your ideal solution to posting longer clips on Instagram. Story cutter enables Android users to break videos into smaller lengths of their choice. After you determine how long you want the videos to be, the Story Cutter will split the long video for you. You can then upload the shorter videos one after the other, in the order in which they appear. Besides using story cutter to upload more than 15-second long videos to your feed. You can use it on other apps that restrict the length of videos you post.

CutStory App

CutStory App is another reliable yet cheap app that would help you upload longer videos to tell your brand story. It gives you an option to split the video into 15-minutes video, or another longer length of your choice. If you use this app, their watermark will appear on your shorter videos. If you, however, want to do away with their watermark, a payment of $0.99 will be required to upgrade. Besides working efficiently on Instagram stories, If you wish to upload the video as a post, this app works effectively. After you have split the videos, open the Instagram app, then use the multiple image icon to upload the various divided clips.

Storeo App

Storeo App is another third party application you can use to trim your long videos into shorter ones. This application is initially free when you download it. However, If you prefer doing away with their watermarks, you will have to pay $13.99. This application has great reviews, thanks to its incredibility in trimming videos.

2. Use the IGTV feature

Instagram introduced a new feature called Instagram TV (IGTV), which will help you upload longer videos than the regular video length. For you to use IGTV, you will have to update your app to the latest version. If you have the latest version of Instagram, you will see the IGTV icon on the left side of the direct message icon.

To upload videos using the IGTV, click on the IGTV icon. You will see your videos appear there. A gear icon will thereafter, appear on your screen. If you click on the gear icon, create new channel option will appear. If you click on the option, your new IGTV channel will be created. Using the IGTV channel, you can upload longer videos, without necessarily splitting the videos into shorter videos.

3. Use live video option rather than uploading recorded videos

Instagram Live videos can run up to an hour long. This a long time considering recorded videos are only limited to run for a minute. Better still, live videos can be posted on your Instagram stories. If you post the 1-hour video on your Instagram Stories, your followers will be able to access and view it, before it expires after 24 hours.

The cons of using live videos include that they can only be shared with the Instagram stories after the live video is completed. Furthermore, you cannot post this video as regular posts. You are only enabled to post them as part of your Instagram stories. It is also possible to save the live videos to your phone, or desktop if you wish to edit it.

4. Manually trim the videos into shorter videos

There is an application on your camera roll that allows you to trim your videos. Trimming your videos from the camera roll is the most straight-forward way of posting long videos to Instagram.

If you have a 2 minutes video, and you want to post it to your Instagram stories, it would be impossible, for it will limit you to 15 seconds. Use your camera roll to trim the video into smaller chunks of 15 seconds each. You will get your wish for a longer video only that it will be in small bits, but all the same the job will be done to satisfaction.

After you have had the video trimmed, choose them on the order in which they appear, and post them simultaneously, using the multiple icons. After you have ensured that the videos are in good order, post them on your Instagram feed. Here you can still countercheck to ensure that they are in the right order.

You can decide to post the videos to your stories, after ensuring they are in a clear, understandable order. This method is preferred because it does not cost anything to cut the video, just some manual steps. For anyone with time on their hands, it would not be asking much too manually edit your videos.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, it can be quite tricky to post an engaging story, which is less than 60 seconds on Instagram. Instagram limits you to a maximum of 60 seconds to upload videos as posts, and 15 seconds on Instagram stories.

Worry not when it comes to posting longer clips to your Instagram. You could choose any of the above-discussed options. These options work effectively when it comes to helping you upload longer videos. Try them out and thank me later.

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