23 February 2022

How To Install Apache On Localhost Windows 10 PC

You can install apache on localhost windows 10 PC. Why you should do this? Apache is one of the most webserver used in the internet. It is free and easy to configure. When it comes to wordpress blog, apache is one of the best webserver you can trust to make your blog live.

Many wordpress hosting is using apache webserver. Before your wordpress blog goes live, you can setup wordpress site on localhost, testing all plugin you need, testing the wordpress themes you want to use. When you are satisfied, you can upload your localhost wordpress blog to your wordpress hosting provider.

Install Apache On Localhost (Windows 10 PC)

To do this, follow these step by step :

1. Download apache binary from www.apachelounge.com, the latest version is apache 2.4.

2. The file you get is a zip file. First you have to unzip it before you can use. After you uncompress the file, the folder containing apache binary is created. To unzip the file :

Right-click on the file and click "Extract All"

3. You can rename the folder with the new name. For example, theapache.

4. Copy theapache folder into C Drive.

install apache on localhost windows 10 PC

5. Open cmd command prompt windows 10 : Run as Administrator. Type CD \ via command line.

6. Navigate to directory C:\theapache\bin: cd C:\theapache\bin

7. Install apache 2.4.

From the command prompt windows 10 at the directory C:\theapache\bin, you can install apache as Windows NT Service.

httpd.exe -k install

8. Use the following command to run apache as a console application from command line :

httpd.exe -k start

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