17 March 2022

10 Popular Related Post Plugins For Wordpress

Wordpress related post plugin could be one of few things you must consider to apply if you are running a wordpress-powered blog.

Does it help in SEO? I do not know. Check out wikipedia a site with a bunch of articles which are visited by million people each day. Each piece has a related post that explains a particular subject.

If you apply related content using related post plugins, probably you copy the structure of wikipedia. You can do the like automatically by installing such of these plugins.

A few wordpress hosting provider force you to stop installing such of these plugins as it is going to suck your hosting resource. But they are only a few. There are plenty of hosting provider out there that might help you to allow to do related content using one of these plugins.

Related Post Plugins Wordpress

Go install one of these plugins. If you are not sure, you can try at localhost. When you are satisfied, you can apply to live hosting. This time, I am going to split up this conversation into 10 different subjects.

1) Related Post By addThis

2) Related Amazon Product Plugin For Amazon Affiliate Site

3) Related Posts By Taxonomy

4) Related Post Thumbnails By Maria Shaldybina

5) Yuzo Related Post

6) Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

7) Shareholic

8) Inline Related Posts

9) Contextual Related Posts

10) Related Posts For Wordpress

Maybe you are confused if it is good or bad apply this kind of wordpress plugins. Below are the overview of each plugin included in this blog post.

1. Related post by addThis

Related Post Plugins For Wordpress

To use related post plugin from addthis, you have to have addthis.com account. To do this an email required, you can register free email from gmail.

I like addthis because it has analytics dashboard so you can analyze which article attract followers the most.

Over 15,000,000 sites use addthis, sound great, and it is your turn to try and use this service.

Another few features you may consider :

a) Over 200 social networks included

b) Share buttons and follow buttons

c) Many shared buttons and follow buttons position

d) Many themes to choose from

e) Customize the look of the title

f) Widget is available

g) A lot of types of shortcodes available

2. Related amazon product plugin for amazon affiliate site

Related Post Plugins For Wordpress

Amazon affiliate site is hot. A lot of experienced internet marketer build such a site to generate huge income per months. It is not easy, but newbies have a chance to create a profitable website and amazon provide you what you need that is an affiliate program.

To start using the plugin, an amazon affiliate account and amazon product advertising API keys (root keys only) required.

The rules have been changed anyway. Since May 1st, 2018, your amazon affiliate account has to be fully approved to begin receive commission for product sales you have made from Amazon.

As the blog owner, you can display amazon product on any posts and any pages. You also can display related items at the bottom of each post.

Another Few features you may like :

a) Product shortcodes of any product

b) Custom CSS for styling

c) Built-in caching

d) And More

3. Related posts by taxonomy

Related Post Plugins For Wordpress

You will be dealing with taxonomies as long as your blogging platform is wordpress. This plugin promise to create a related post for each taxonomy and post type.

It is simple and easy to use. You set up the plugin and it will do the rest. The related content will be on show and the most commented post will be pulled at the top.

It provides an ability to create your own templates so that the related post looks interesting.

Another Few in-built features :

a) It claims it has a small footprint

b) Custom html templates

c) The use of wordpress rest API

d) Display related post for each post automatically

e) And more

4. Related post thumbnails by Maria Shaldybina

Related Post Plugins For Wordpress

This plugin is dedicated to display related post as thumbnails. You can adjust the size and the looks of the thumbnails.

There is default CSS used by the plugin. For those who are experienced in CSS, you can create your own css style to show up the related content looks on each post.

Other features you may like :

a) Built-in cache

b) Related post widget

c) Compatible with thesis theme that is one of the most secured themes

d) Custom field

e) It claims it will not slow down your blog

f) Change the color, border, background color, and more option to customize

g) It claims it is SEO friendly

h) And more

5. Yuzo Related Post

Related Post Plugins For Wordpress

This plugin claims that it will display related post as accurate as possible. You can adjust to show up the related items below each post or attach at widget area.

There is a 60 plus possibility option you can use to customize the looks.

Below are some of the main features :

a) Built-in cache

b) Fast so that it will not slow down your blog

c) Setup up related posts manually or automatically

d) Thumbnails ready

e) Change the size and the background color with ease

f) Attach related post only on a particular post or page

g) RTL ready

h) and more

6. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

Related Post Plugins For Wordpress

If you are a skilled programmer, then you can use YARPP. It has a templating mechanism so you can customize the display of related article.

Standard features of this plugin are :

a) Display a related post in thumbnails

b) Use a unique algorithm.

c) Insert related posts in feeds

d) Display related posts as a widget or in the bottom of an article

e) Turn on or turn off auto display of related post

f) Customize the CSS

g) Built-in cache

h) Show related posts for posts, page, and custom post types

i) Support for custom taxonomies

j) Support many languages

k) And more

7. Shareholic

Related Post Plugins For Wordpress

Shareholic is a wordpress plugin that is built-in share buttons, related posts, Google analytics social data, monetization and more.

By using it, you can show up related post, share buttons, monetize your content, analyze your visitor, and more.

Few features you will like :

a) Share counters, share buttons and follow buttons for social media such as twitter, facebook, pinterest, etc.

b) Suite your blog to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR - Regulation (EU) 2016/79 )

c) Google analytics integration with ease

d) Message bar notification that you are using cookies

e) Monetize your blog using affiliate links, outstream video and promoted native content

f) Fast and secure

g) Customizable and mobile optimized

h) And more

8. Inline Related Posts

Related Post Plugins For Wordpress

This plugin tries to do the same as the style of the related post of a big company such as bbc, entrepreneur, and many others.

You can place related content inside your content. It is a good idea because you might be engaged in conversation with your visitor in this way so that it will lower bounce rate.

Other features you may like :

a) Available over 20 plus option for styling (themes, colors, hover)

b) Autor box

c) Subscription option

d) Place multiple boxes in all your content

e) And more

9. Contextual Related Posts

Related Post Plugins For Wordpress

This plugin has functionality to show up a related post on each blog post and in your feed.

The feature I want to highlight is it will not burden your server because it has a built-in cache system.

Another few features you may like :

a) It has a particular algorithm to find a related subject of your content

b) Exclusions for particular posts or pages by ID

c) Custom post type

d) Show up the related post automatically or manually

e) Shortcode and widget are available

f) Default and custom thumbnails

g) Custom CSS

h) Extensive customisation capabilities

i) Display related content as a list of text or thumbnails

j) And more

10. Related Posts For Wordpress

Related Post Plugins For Wordpress

As quickly as you activate this plugin, the related blog post will be displayed on behalf you have set up before.

The default option suite to your related post needs. If you feel not comfortable with the default you can customize it.

Here are the few features you may like :

a) Custom post type and taxonomy support

b) Create related content manually

c) In-built cache

d) Support by email

e) No worry slow your site

f) Shortcode and widget are available

g) Custom CSS

h) Compatible with most popular themes

i) And more


Choosing a related post that is secure, easy to customize to suit your needs and not to burden your server is not an easy task. I assume you have local server such as mamp pro so you can try the plugin locally.

Before you install it to live hosting, back up your blog at first. Then monitor the performance of your blog. Take any notice of the related post plugin performance.

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