31 January 2022

Siteground Review

I was using siteground shared hosting to home one of my blog. And I was happy doing that. I am sure you wont regret doing the same. This is not because many bloggers agree to host their site on siteground hosting. And I did the same. And how about you? So the question is, is siteground really a good hosting company? Read on.

Siteground Review

Before putting any money on any shared hosting provider in this planet, I encourage you to read this blog post covering siteground hosting. I was really their customer and I am still having the account with them. I am delighted with their hosting service, such as performance, sercurity, uptime, etc.

With siteground, your blog will be served fast via their infrasturcture. They have developed new shared hosting environment recently that they claim has significant speed improvement.

Siteground features Cloudflare, known as one of the best security system and secure cdn service, as free CDN and security guard. It is not active by default. You have to activate it manually. If you want your blog become more secure and fast, you may purchase cloudflare pro service cost you $11.95 per month.

Their hosting has data center in four different location: UK, Chicago, Netherlands, and Singapore. Pick up one that is close to your audience. Do not choose the data center from where you physically are from.

For new site, the shared hosting is good enough. Their uptime is about 99,99%. My site has a few visitor that make the performance of the hosting and my blog is still excellent.

When your blog is growing and you need more power and space, you can upgrade your hosting to the higher plan. If shared hosting is not sufficient for your growing blog, siteground cloud hosting and dedicated hosting plan are available when you need it.

If you are close to sign up for web hosting other than siteground, read my siteground website hosting review below. I am sure you will find a good explanation why you should use siteground to home your blog, especially wordpress-powered blog.

Siteground And Wordpress

Siteground Web Hosting Review - Is Siteground Good For Wordpress

Siteground support wordpress out of the box. You can install wordpress automatically or manually using step by step the standard wordpress installation procedures.

Its shared hosting also has a lot of features that make your life with wordpress easier. Wordpress plugins and wordpress themes work well on siteground shared hosting.

When new wordpress version, wordpress plugins and wordpress themes release, siteground shared hosting system will do the update automatically. Make sure you have a valid email address in your wordpress blog admin, so that everytime the update is complete, the hosting system send you the result.

Do not compare the shared hosting with cloud hosting or managed hosting such as wpegine, flywheel, etc. Cloud hosting and managed wordpress hosting has the big star features you are going to love. And this is not the case. Shared hosting is suitable for small blog with low traffic.

Wordpress, the most popular wordpress cms, is something that siteground concern. You can post article easily and your site will be up and running with no issue as long as your blog does not over the limit that every plan has.

Migrate Your Wordpress Blog To Siteground

It is very easy to migrate your wordpress hosting to siteground. You can do it manually or automatically. Siteground has a plugin called siteground migrator plugin. It can help you to migrate your site to siteground.

All you have to do is, install the siteground migrator plugin and generate token from siteground. And then, follow the step by step guide for the migration.

Siteground Web Hosting Review - Is Siteground Good For Wordpress

Another option is you can do it manually. You have to point your domain to siteground nameserver, add domain, create database, export database and upload your site. Then you are ready to blog again.

Fortunately, customer support of siteground can help you dealing with the migration of your blog. All you have to do is sign up for GrowBig Hosting Plan or higher plan and the expert of the siteground hosting will do the rest for the site migration.

Hosting Control Panel

Siteground is using cpanel as the hosting control panel. It is easy to use. If you are a beginner, do not worry, you will not find it difficult to use the hosting control panel.

If you are from another web hosting provider that use cpanel, siteground hosting expert can help you to migrate all of your site immediately.

After you finish the sign up for siteground hosting, you will be emailed the details from the nameserver, user and password to login control panel, etc.

The payment methode you choose to purchase the hosting service will be stored in the control panel. You can choose to renew the hosting automatically or manually. If you want the hosting to be renewed automatically, make sure the payment method is valid in that period.

Siteground accept credit card and paypal as the payment method.

Siteground Free SSL

Siteground Web Hosting Review - Is Siteground Good For Wordpress

Siteground offer free ssl from lets encrypt. The installation of the ssl is very easy. You have to point your site to siteground nameserver firstly. Then you can install the ssl. After the installation is complete, the renewal of the ssl will run automatically. To make sure the installation is correct, you can go to ssl verification site and running the test.

Siteground Supercacher

Siteground Web Hosting Review - Is Siteground Good For Wordpress

Caching is a feature you must consider when it comes to choose hosting provider. Siteground has built-in caching system named siteground supercacher that works well. You have to activate it manually before you can use it on your site.

There are available a few wordpress caching plugin that help you to setup the caching system incorporate into your wordpress blog. It is not hard to do. Just install wp caching plugin you need, and you are done.

For shared hosting, the performance is not too bad. I have tested a few wordpress caching plugin using siteground as the hosting provider. You can read the result on my blog post about wordpress caching plugin review.

Wordpress Security

You have a wordpress blog and the security is one of the many things you have to concern. To secure your wordpress site, you can use wordpress security plugin called wordfence. This is the plugin I will always use on shared hosting when it come to wordpress site. Wordfence has two option: free and paid. The paid version cost $ 99 per year per one site. There is a discount rate available if you buy more key and more than one year pricing plan.

If you do not like the wordfence, you may use another security plugin you like. You can use cloudflare as your security system on your wordpress site.


Siteground Web Hosting Review - Is Siteground Good For Wordpress

Another security option that is available in the siteground hosting is cloudflare. It has two option: free version and plus version. The free version offer ssl support, security, 3 page specific rules, performance and security stats. Another option is the plus version that offer additional features: 20 pages specific rules, Web Application Firewall and Advanced Speed Features. The cloudflare plus will cost $ 11.95 per month.

There is no needs of wordpress plugin to activate the cloudflare security system on siteground hosting provider. If this is done right, your blog will be more secure. So it is hoped that your blog will immune from any attack.

Customer Support

The customer support of siteground hosting company is great. You can reach them 24/7 via phone, chat or ticket. I usually chat them, never call or email them. The waiting time is not too long, could be 1 minute or less. The customer service staff will help you with any problems you face. From the billing, hosting, etc. From transfering your site to siteground hosting, setup cloudflare, setup email, etc. A lot of problem could arise and the expert staff is ready to help you. No matter how simple the problem, they will help you free of charge. If you are connected to customer service who can not help you with the problem, they will pass you to another customer support in charge.

Renewal Policy

Auto-renewal system is on by default which is for a good reason. In this way, it will protect your site from downtime because siteground service will be suspended in the absence of the renewal payment.

According to the siteground term policy, the system will proceed with the renewal 2 weeks before the service expire. Before the renewal proceed, the system will email you that the first attempt of the renewal will happen on a particular date. When the system make an unsuccesfull attempt at the renewal, the system will email you the failure.

You can disable the auto-renewal feature. To do this, go to the billing section of your client area and set it off. You can set an alarm on your smartphone too, if you want to remind yourself when the renewal of your hosting will happen.

You have disabled the auto-renewal, but you found that the renewal payment was compelete. When it happen, you should contact the customer support to resolve the issue. Provide the customer support with your account information in detail.

Refund Policy

It is important to know that money-back guarantee is only eligible for the hosting. Not for the extra services you buy from siteground hosting such as domain registration, domain ID protection etc. You can ask for refunds within 30 days after the payment has been made. No question asks.

The extra services you have bought is still available if you want to use them, even if you do not have any hosting service with siteground website hosting.

In case of renewal, the term money back-guarantee apply the same term. You can ask for the refund money if you do not need any longer the hosting you have renewed.

Hosting Prices

1. Shared Hosting

Siteground Web Hosting Review - Is Siteground Good For Wordpress

Siteground has 3 different kind of shared hosting plans to offer :

a. StartUp

The cost is only $3.95 per month (discounted) for the first time. You are permitted to host only one site with 10 GB of SSD storage on this service which can handle up to 10,000 visitor per month, could be more. The cons of startup shared hosting is you can not ask for the help with migration of your site and the caching solution supercacher is level 1.

b. GrowBig

The cost is only $5.95 per month (discounted) for the first time. You are permitted to host unlimited websites with 20 GB of SSD storage on this service which can handle up to 25,000 visitor per month, could be more. The considered benefit of GrowBig shared hosting is the StartUp shared hosting features offered plus you can ask for the help with migration of your site, the caching solution supercacher is level 3, advanced on-demand backup, etc. And much much more.

c. GoGeek

The cost is only $11.95 per month (discounted) for the first time. You are permitted to host unlimited websites with 30 GB of SSD storage on this service which can handle up to 100,000 visitor per month, could be more. The considered benefit of GoGeek shared hosting is the GrowBig shared hosting features offered plus advanced priority support, white-label hosting, etc. And much much more.

2. Cloud Hosting

Siteground Web Hosting Review - Is Siteground Good For Wordpress

Cloud hosting is recommended for every blogger who has more money and their site is growing which has visitor more than 100,000 a month which the maximum visitor of the shared hosting allowed. The possible thing will happen is your shared siteground hosting will be suspended because of this. Siteground recommendation is to upgrade your shared hosting to higher hosting plan such as business managed cloud hosting that will cost $120 a month.

But the entry level of the siteground managed cloud hosting will cost only $80 a month. You can use this option, though. Try this and if your site is fine, you continue using it.

The features of managed cloud hosting is incredible, such as automatic backup, hacking free, data loss free, etc. For some reason, you may make an additional backup of your site up to 5 backups. The backups will remain in the hosting system up to 7 days.

3. Student Hosting

Siteground Web Hosting Review - Is Siteground Good For Wordpress

Siteground offers a special hosting plan for scholars, educators and organizations. If you are one of them and want to start a blog, you can make use of this program. It cost only $ 1,99 per month. Included features are 10 GB storage, FTP, SSH, Git, free email accounts, unmetered traffic, unlimited mysql database, multiple PHP version, cpanel, automatic daily backups and more.

Backup System

SiteGround shared hosting will backup your site daily automatically so that you can restore it when it is needed. If you want to backup your site using wordpress plugin, there are few wordpress plugins you can use regarding this purpose such as updraftPlus, backupbuddy, duplicator, etc. You can keep the backups in your hosting system, upload to amazons s3, etc.

You can also backup to amazon s3 if via command line. It is easy to do and you do not need to know any programming language. Further more, read my blog post on how to backup your blog to amazon s3 via command line.


1. Easy control panel: Cpanel

2. Free unlimited SSL

3. Uptime: 99,99%

4. Easy to setup

5. Support wordpress out of the box

6. Fast speed wordpress hosting


The renewal price of siteground shared hosting is expensive. For example, you have to pay $11,95 per month for startup plan; $19,95 per month for GrowBig plan; and $34,95 per month for GoGeek plan.

For the same price, their competitor, such as knownhost and wpxhosting, offer VPS plan with more features. You know that both knownhost and wpxhosting is well-known as one of the best hosting provider.


For the first year, I found that siteground shared hosting has a reasonable price. The price will rise in the second year. To me, the price of siteground shared hosting in the second year is not reasonable. For the same price, you can get a VPS managed hosting from its competitor such as knownhost, wpxhosting, etc.

The best reason why I use siteground shared hosting is the uptime, the hosting performance and my blog performance is good, I can guarantee that. And I can afford it for the first year. For the second year, I choosed not to renew it because the price is expensive.

The good news is, you can ask the same price of the siteground hosting service for the second year. Contact the customer support. Hopefuly, they will help you.

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